Member states: Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru

Central texts:

Declaración de Lima (Signed 28 April 2011 – Spanish language)

Declaración de Cali (Signed 23 May 2013 – Spanish language)

Protocolo Adicional al Acuerdo Marco de la Alianza del Pacífico (Signed 10 February 2014; Entry into force 1 May 2016 – Spanish language)

Main Institutions:

Declared goals

(Source: Declaración de Lima)

To establish the Pacific Alliance for the creation of an area of deep integration within the Latin American Pacific Rim, encourage regional integration and higher growth, development and competitiveness of our economies.

To this end, we express our firm commitment to progressively move towards the goal of achieving free movement of goods, services, capital and people.

In a first stage the following areas will be prioritised: movement of business persons and facilitation for migratory transit, including police cooperation; trade and integration, including trade facilitation and customs cooperation; services and capital, including the possibility of integrating the stock exchanges; and cooperation and dispute settlement mechanisms; and creating technicians for each of these areas.

Other institutions

Adopted measures (Spanish language)