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Member states: Australia, New Zealand

Central texts:

Australia-New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Trade Agreement (Entry into force 1 January 1983; signed 28 March 1983)

Protocol on the Acceleration of Free Trade in Goods (Entry into force 18 August 1988)

Main institutions:

  • CER Ministerial Meetings

Declared goals

(Source: ANZCERTA Article 1)

The objectives of the Member States in concluding this Agreement are:

(a)    to strengthen the broader relationship between Australia and New Zealand;

(b)    to develop closer economic relations between the Member States through a mutually beneficial expansion of free trade between New Zealand and Australia;

(c)    to eliminate barriers to trade between Australia and New Zealand in a gradual and progressive manner under an agreed timetable and with a minimum of disruption; and

(d)    to develop trade between New Zealand and Australia under conditions of fair competition.

Adopted measures