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Member statesBolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru

Central texts:

Cartagena Agreement (Signed 26 May 1969; Entry into force 16 October 1969) (Spanish text)

Treaty creating the Court of Justice of the Andean Community (Signed 10 March 1996) (Spanish text)

Main institutions:

Declared goals

(Source: Cartagena Agreement Article 1)

  1. to promote the balanced and harmonious development of the Member Countries under equitable conditions, through integration and economic and social cooperation;
  2. to accelerate their growth and the rate of creation of employment;
  3. to facilitate their participation in the regional integration process, looking ahead toward the gradual formation of a Latin American Common Market;
  4. to reduce external vulnerability and improve the position of member countries in the international economic context;
  5. to strengthen subregional solidarity and reduce the development differences between Member Countries;
  6. to ensure persistent improvement in the standard of living of the inhabitants of the Subregion.

Other institutions

(Source and full list:

Adopted measures
  • Treaty creating the Court of Justice (1979) (Spanish text)
  • Regulations of the Andean Council of Foreign Affairs (Spanish text)
  • Regulations of Andean Community Commission (Spanish text)
  • Regulations of the Andean Community General Secretariat (Spanish text)
  • Rules of the Procedure of the General Secretariat (Spanish text)