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Member states: Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda

Central texts:

Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community (Signed 30 November 1999; Entered into force 7 July 2000)

Tripartite Free Trade Area Agreement (Signed 10 June 2015)

Main institutions:

Declared goals

(Source: EAC Treaty Article 5)

(a) the attainment of sustainable growth and development of the Partner States by the promotion of a more balanced and harmonious development of the Partner States;


(b) the strengthening and consolidation of co-operation in agreed fields that would lead to equitable economic development within the Partner States and which would in turn, raise the standard of living and improve the quality of life of their populations;


(c) the promotion of sustainable utilisation of the natural resources of the Partner States and the taking of measures that would effectively protect the natural environment of the Partner States;


(d) the strengthening and consolidation of the long standing political, economic, social, cultural and traditional ties and associations between the peoples of the Partner States so as to promote a people-centered mutual development of these ties and associations;


(e) the mainstreaming of gender in all its endeavours and the enhancement of the role of women in cultural, social, political, economic and technological development;


(f) the promotion of peace, security, and stability within, and good neighbourliness among, the Partner States;


(g) the enhancement and strengthening of partnerships with the private sector and civil society in order to achieve sustainable socioeconomic and political development; and
(h) the undertaking of such other activities calculated to further the objectives of the Community, as the Partner States may from time to time decide to undertake in common.

Other institutions

Adopted measures