Member statesArgentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela

Central texts:

Treaty of Asunción (Signed 26 March 1991; 29 November 1991) (Spanish version)

Protocol of Ouro Preto (Signed 17 December 1994)  (Spanish version)

Main institutions:

Declared goals

(Source: Treaty of Asunción Article 1)

  • The free movement of goods, services and factors of production between countries through, inter alia, the elimination of customs duties and non-tariff restrictions on the movement of goods, and any other equivalent measures;
  • The establishment of a common external tariff and the adoption of a common trade policy in relation to third States or groups of States, and the co-ordination of positions in regional and international economic and commercial forums;
  • The co-ordination of macroeconomic and sectoral policies between the States Parties in the areas of foreign trade, agriculture, industry, fiscal and monetary matters, foreign exchange and capital, services, customs, transport and communications and any other areas that may be agreed upon, in order to ensure proper competition between the States Parties;
  • The commitment by States Parties to harmonize their legislation in the relevant areas in order to strengthen the integration process.

Other institutions

Adopted measures