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Member states: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela

Central texts:

UNASUR Constitutive Treaty (Signed 23 May 2008; Entry into force 11 March 2011)

Cusco Declaration (Signed 8 December 2004)

Main institutions:

Declared goals

(Source: UNASUR Treaty Article 3)

  1. Strengthen political dialogue between Member States in order to reinforce the South American integration and the participation of UNASUR in the international arena.
  2. Social and human development with equity and inclusion in order to eradicate poverty and overcome inequalities in the region.
  3. Illiteracy eradication, equal access to quality education and the regional recognition of courses and degrees.
  4. Energy integration for the sustainable and fair use of the resources of our Region.
  5. Infrastructure development to guarantee the interconnection of the region and our peoples according to criteria of sustainable social and economic development.
  6. Adopt mechanisms compatible with the economic and fiscal policies of Member States which will promote financial integration among them.
  7. Protection of our biodiversity, water resources and ecosystems as well as cooperation among Member States in matters of disaster prevention and the fight against the causes and effects of climate change.
  8. Achieving equitable integration in order to overcome asymmetries through the development of concrete and effective mechanisms.
  9. Progressive recognition of the rights of a Member State citizens residing in any of the other Member States with the aim of attaining a citizenship of the other Member State.
  10. Equal access to Social Security and health services.
  11. Unrestricted respect for human and labor rights through migratory regularization and harmonization of policies.
  12. Economic and trade cooperation to achieve progress and consolidation of an innovative, dynamic, transparent, equitable and balanced process. Promote growth and economic development in order to overcome asymmetries through the complementation of the economies of all the Member Countries as well as promoting the welfare of all sections of the population and the reduction of poverty.
  13. Giving attention to small and medium enterprises, cooperative companies, networks and other forms of production organizations with the aim of creating unity in the Industrial and Productive areas.
  14. Creation and implementation of complementary policies and projects of research, innovation, technology transfer and production in order to increase capacity, sustainability and proper scientific and technological development.
  15. Strengthening of the identities of the peoples of the region of our Member States through encouragement of expression of knowledge and memory with the aim of promoting cultural diversity.
  16. Citizen participation through mechanisms for interaction and dialogue between UNASUR and the various social organizations for the creating of South American integration policies.
  17. While taking into account international standards and laws, and through coordination between the specialized agencies of the Member States, strengthen the fight against terrorism, corruption, the global drug problem, trafficking of people, trafficking of small guns and light weapons, transnational organized crime and other threats as well as disarmament, non-proliferation of nuclear weapons of mass destruction and demining.
  18. Promote cooperation between the judicial authorities of the Member States of UNASUR.
  19. The exchange of information and experience on defense.
  20. Cooperation to strengthen public safety.
  21. Sectoral cooperation in order to deepen South American integration through the exchange of information, experience and training.

Other institutions
Adopted measures